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Hello Cruel World!
05/03/19 Another week at StuffCo has flown by, boys and girls and what fun it has been. We started the week flush from a long weekend of cranking out T-Shirts for #PuddlesPityParty and his residency at one of Las Vegas's finer casino-natoriums. We some how managed to add three new designs to T-shirts for the store. 

The United States of StuffCo., a re-imagining of the US political map in aworld where the press is free to cover everything, 


Cuarto De Cinco!
Cuarto de Cinco! a satirical look at the big new alcoholic weekend in May,
Global Warmers T-shirtand our new logo for the adult softball team we hope to start, "The Global Warmers" — because everyone tries to stop Global Warming, but nothing can now. Join us on the diamond this Summer in February.
We began production work on our first TV show for StuffCo this week. "Avondale 2 Night — with Club Sandwich and Naval Orange" is going to be one outrageous talk show and certainly the most outrageous talk show ever hosted by a sandwich of any kind. He's a really odd bird, that Club Sandwich - his words. It's a bit surreal.

We ended the week by running out of transfers before the new transfers arrive in the middle of the new "tea towels" for our favorite singing clown. We shall resume Tuesday when the UPS man arrives. Also we played week 4 of the Friday Whiteboard Challenge. This week's winner was Frank Jeffris from Metro Atlanta for correctly guessing the name of the band: Phish first. 
See you next month. Let us know if you like our stuff or want to work with us. Tell us your story, unless you're chicken. mmmmmmmm, ice cream. Yours,
Mr. StuffCo.    

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